Every day we weave our way and eventually we will find the place where we should be, whether it takes us back to old haunts or pastures new and as our paths entangle and some stop short when found their defined destiny with good time to spare whilst others can take all but a lifetime to find their resting peaceful place to end their final days ….by me Maureen Rose Mckenzie



to say good bye
i thought i knew you so well
as now the tears begin to quell
heartache fills my heaving chest
and my love inside is broken
shattered like pieces again
with tape and dreams but do now fade
like a broken glass with shattered edges still
and a half a glass to fill
ill take the road to where i go
i do not know
and where i belong
i know not still
its been too long
but ive wandered now for many years
and often withheld so many tears
whilst they still have fallen
down my face
and given me much grace to be
who i am
who will i become one day
time is not waiting for me
and many roads still to travel
i will go
with twisted turns and many words
that seem to whisper in my ear
you should not be here
but on my journey it was meant to be
that you would spend some time with me
for that i thank you the good moments i will precious hold
and love that was never to be told
but held deep and secret inside
whilst it screams so loudly to be alive
the pathway on is calling me
as over my shoulder ill take a last peep
and know these moments i cant keep
or make into something beautiful and real
and even for a single kiss to steal
so goodbye dear lover i knew you not so well
but for some reason i was meant to pass this time with you
and the moments i remember dearly will too
cherish and not be forgotten
as the autumn coolness begins to fill the air
and life seems to be unfair
but for me that is all i have known
as every piece of happiness has flown
From my heart
Is broken again
Please do refrain
From taking those pieces
And tossing them High
Into the sky
For I wonder where they would land



Sometimes I just sit on the fence
I try not to make any offence
I contemplate my life
There’s been a lot of strife
It could have been a lot easier
But people make it hard
And I’ve tried in all vane
To start again
But sometimes things go too far
And the door is just ajar
Close that door now!
Open that one!
Get off the fence
Don’t get so tense
Take a walk down a new road
Every one says
It’s easy to say
But hey!
Can you see where you are going?
As you feel the rain pouring
No it’s misty and dark
But hark
There is someone calling from afar
To make me realise
The door is ajar
So open it wider and meet the new
It surely is a better view
So don’t sit on the fence
Open your wings and fly
And everything will be wonderful
By and by
Where your meant to be
You’ll be in the end
So the profits tell me is true
How about you?
I still feel blue
In this never ending search for love
That would fit like a glove
Please open the door
And let me live once more


Your Poem

theres a wind beneath my window
and i marvel at its breath
so strikingly its quickness
so questioning its death
i listen surreptitious
so unwantingly alone
there is a wind beneath my window
and im longing to be known
so hold me tight thy fury
in the form of thine own heart
let me see your secrets
and let us never part

The Weather

  • What do we Brits talk about most
    When we eat our tea and toast
    Why the weather is the favoured topic
    Whilst we tell the dog to hop it!
    I want to feel warm
    Not have this storm
    But then It’s too hot can’t stand the heat
    It’s nearly 90 below my feet
    Please cool down and stop me sweating
    The right weather I am never getting
    The sun it shines we feel such glee
    Then it’s raining in time for tea
    Snow men we make from time to time
    And then turns to ice and slush
    What a crime!
    Wind it roars and blows us away
    Whilst we try and walk in a normal way
    We moan and groan about our weather
    We can’t seem to get it together
    Is there not a topic we know more about
    Loudly I would like to shout
    Leave the weather to its own device!
    You will have fun in a trice!


When times are rough
I turn to you
I know you will
Help me see things through
Your kindness good words precious be
You say all the right words to me
When I’m alone you’re always there
To listen, hug, you really care
Tears fall from my saddened face
And you comfort me
With your loving grace
Patiently you will hear my woes
You bring joy to me from my head to my toes!
You help me see things more clearly
My dear friend I love you dearly
You are always there for me
To discuss over cakes and tea
And likewise all these things I do for you
We help each other see things through
To have a good friend
Both loyal and true
Is a most wonderful thing that can happen to you

I bought this hat…

I bought this hat

Not to share

It’s very good

Keeps out the glare

For my eyes

They are so glaucomatised

I do so try

Not to cry

But the mist is creeping

Inside I’m weeping

But each day

I must find a way

To find some joy

And oh boy!

Easy it is not

I’ve not forgot

The wonders I can see

Being taken from me

I’ll try to adjust

It is a must

So sounds I hear

Become now dear

So sing me a song

It’s won’t take long

To brighten my day

In a different way