Stars above…

i see the stars

each one twinkles

it represents something in my life

so much as passed

so much happiness, tears, toil and regrets

it passes

through time

my time

and others

and wonder the “what ifs” of it all

and how i did too much anyway

and should have sat

and relaxed

the time past

it is gone

and the future to be behold

whats left….

Too many…. too much….

too many people

too many ideas

too much pushing and pulling

too many people with the RIGHT idea

too many people with CONFLICTING IDEAS

too many people without understanding

too many people without patience

too much experience too little consistency

too much to expect

too much to think about doing but need not

too much to say you care or love

too much bother to have empathy

too much litter

too much polution

too muh food

too much starvation

too much disease

too much cruelty

to much business, too busy too busy too busy

too many cars on the road

too must waste food

too many starving people

too much mental illness

too much interference

too many wars

too much violence

For what we need in this World is Peace and that energy put into saving the plant or finding another terra forma to live on in the future for our children? Does that make what we do every day seem insignificant? In this great Universe, where we each and everyone of us think we are so important, as we stumble and mumble about our day? in a very professional way, i may add?

God Bless You All

It Is All Too Much To Think About……


The sun was shining 

It was a beautiful autumn day

She sat quietAnd reflected on the maddest around her

The people babbling in her ears 
With advice And loudness 

And the sadness in her life

And wondered what the next step would be 

People had no patience nor time nor real understanding, 

who would

i wouldnt myself

She could not see much now 
The glaucoma has eaten away her sight

And soul

There was a small glimmer of hope

As everyone had rushed to get away..

so as not to deal with….

.Where was that comfy place

Where was it 

That which would bring solace to her life 

at least….


A rose with beautiful scent

lay on the table

its aroma filled the room

and i know that this was not the end

but the beginning of something wonderful…..

as the scent permiated the whole house

and deleted the negivity with a new story of beauty, hope and happiness….


yes its more faded…

where should i be…

this blind woman alone…

clutching at straws….


no-one wants to be near me….

its a struggle…

they do not know how it really is….

those that see, family…

the tears….

oh to have a normal happy life

like all those others….

my life…. in a nutshell

it started out quite fine

i was neatly all in line

life was good and happy

from the day i wore a nappy!

i got through all my youth

and knew all the truth

went to workand often played

and  life seemed oh so ok

i married and thought great

it wasnt just too late

all friends had married young

whilst i tried to have some fun

my three children i had quite quickly

and love to bits so deeply

but the husband got so cross

and i then decided to run off

not used to such adversity

my family were friends and calm

so it did me a lot of harm

my poor kiddies too

we all had to shooo!

many paths i since then tread

and many challenges i fed

and now im on the blink

on my ownand down the sink

its goggle eyes and more

as i run for the door

so help me pleasefind some peace

in my heart

as i try to make a new start

to end the rest of my days in peace

on a blanket made of fleece

Human beings….

what are they? Humans are animals in fake fur coats. They like animals strive on the theory of Survival of the Fittest, they are aware of death and so a deity and meditation is needed to give comfort to them as they cannot conceive not being here any longer. Nor can they relate to infinity being used to beginnings, middles and endings. They do help each other when they see fit with a tongue in cheek attitude to be honest but mostly they are very busy with their own progression, survival and procreation of the species, survival of the fittest as mentoned. They have a knack of creating and inventing things and ruining things and the environment around them at the same time or in the process without any concern at the time, as the main thought is invention, the the step of progression they long to achieve. They are also very stupid as they waste a lot of time and energy arguing and fighting amongst themselves at all levels when they should be banding together to try and save the planet, our World which is sinking under the melting icecaps, drowning in the plastic polution, burning from the hot sun penetrating through the depleted ozone layer and all the while being very busy with their own importance. They scamper round the Globe on planes boats and trains, even bikes at a vastly rapid rate doing their important “business” and the World if faced with a panamdemic is infected very quickly as a result of Globalisation. Humans are very strong in themselves and survive and thrive quite rapidly but their fragility is quite evident when it comes to it and often pop their clogs at the drop of hat due to infection or disease.

Perhaps you think this is a load of rubbish, i am not a Scientist, Politician, Socialist, Highly Education Person just a little lady observing what is going on around her as she sits quietly in her house. I have been busy myself and now its time for a rest…. Perhaps there is some way i can help, in vain, as we do, collect for a suitable charity, World Wild Fund or something like, that, Bees even, people under estimate how important they are to us….

have a great day everyone or is it – have a wonderful day, or even beautiful day… do we ever really? isnt it usually a medioca fairly pleasant nicish sort of day…. hey there you go!

Happy Days Everyone!

how strong do you have to be….

eyes feel like they want to leap out…. vision very misty…… did my Sightloss online course, went for walk wit Polly, pottered in the mist and the pain in the head of the glaucoma…..

Covid-19 is going to come back, another lock down? oh no! shall i stay with Alan this time…. lets see what they say on the news…. perhaps i will stay with him this time, take Polly and Katy with me…..

its a nightmare, for sure, normality is what i adore, of what i want more!

yes i will be “normal! now!

here we go!


let me cry

these tears

and as the mist is here

and no love…

let me cry through the mist……

the loneliness

the mistakes i have made

no turning it back

turn it around

so there is some happiness…..

through the mist…

no one can know

nor feel

what i feel

there is no deal…

to understanding….

happiness is in there somewhere….

for the rest of the time

i am here