River Flow

River Severn ditty, as its topical at the moment and haven’t done a ditty for a while…


River flow
so fast
dont wait for me
just rush past
the power of Mother Nature here
it is truly clear
does not worry
just will cause slurry
as it worms its way
round town
without a frown
just carries on
and on and on
in ferment
in such an enormous torment
takes no heed of your house
or a cat dog or tiny mouse
in your way
that doesn’t matter
the power of water
river growing fatter and fatter
River Severn runs down from a stream in Wales
and to the Bristol Channel it does hail
and if the rain does begin to fall
this river has no shame at all
the banks are burst and all is let lose
as the snow and rain fall on Welsh mountains
so stay indoors and peep through your curtains!
at the wintery weather will make your cheeks glow
Mother Nature as she does ebb and flow
Like a slippery snake
everything in its way it will take
and has no mercy…

Valentines Day

Will you be my Valentine
to me will you be true
I have a lovely rose
to bestow just for you
my heart is yours
my smile too to keep
there is no longer need to weep
as I hold you in my arms once more
no need to leave and walk out the door
to treasure each other
til time doth end
(you surely do drive me round the bend!)
but my love for you is unbounding
for this I shout aloud unsounding!
a lovely Valentine so true
you know it is so truly you
my lifelong love and true friend soul mate
lets make it together to the Pearly Gate!


The Swing

I wake in the morning

It’s 4amPeace

A bird sings

When I was a girl

I would get up and go in the gardenAnd sit on my swing

The peace

The dew twinkled on the grass

Like a million tiny fairies

There was magic

Quietly in that garden The swing creaked

As I swung higher and higher


I knew


No worries as a child

Now the chaos of my life is done

Too many things

Too many events

Too many people

Busy it’s been



As last days I seek in peace

None of it matters now

Just peace

Facebook Farce

When all you get thrown Is lemons

And life just seems a farce And try and keep smiling

As again I fall on my arse

I’ll put this grin upon my face

Just so happy you think I am

It is all so lovely

But really it is a sham! On face book we live our lives

With happy tales and then some gloom

Isn’t it best to keep on laughing

Rather than think of all the doom


as our chaotic little lives

Do scrabble round the earth

Trying to be top dog

For all that it is worth

Or slumber in the background

With tales of woe and sorrrow

And hoping it will be (with smile on face)Much much better by tomorrow!

Peoples lives are very different

Some have it good

Some bad

many moments we know

Maybe we have or have not had

So when posting on Facebook

Consider the diversity it brings

As a different song is something that we all certainly sing!

TV Cat

The tv is on

What shall I watchSome nature programme Or do it yourself botchMaybe a sit comOr a thriller Or a cookery courseA recipe for my dinnerMaybe a quizQuestioning my knowledge Or a pet programme Or wild animals on the forageSometimes the birdsFly byOh my!On the screenI meanI think they are realIt’s no big dealAs I jump at the tvTo try and catch themAnd they fly behind the tellyAnd I fall on my belly!So tv for cats is really greatI stay up lateAnd sit and purrWhilst my mum sits by and strokes my fur!

Are You Resolute

Are You Resolute?

Well Christmas is over
Thank goodness for that
Now we can put on our New Year Hat!
And jump up and down
Let’s begin
We are all too fat
And need to get slim!
All those mince pies cakes and treats
No wonder we can hardly see our feet!
Are you on a diet
Or have a resolution of sort
What does the New Year hold for you, what is your thought?
Will you be kinder more thoughtful and willing
Will you try to save a bob or a shilling?
Will you work harder
New tasks in hand
Or will you still bury your head in the sand!
What ever your New Year plans may be
Have a smile
Have Peace in your heart
And all will be twee!


Busy is a word I useIt is my biggest excuseTo make sure I feel justified So I can shake off that choking nooseThe drag of all of those people Friends family work colleagues That grate on my nerves for sureIt gives me great fatigue Do I really need to see themNow! Oh no! Once more! Really!My priorities are important its business that is best I have a list of the greatest And those I least like the best!So if I don’t care to see themMy busy spot is filled Even if their feelings I truly have definitely killedBut I am most important So I just do as I jolly well pleaseAnd if you don’t like itWell I truly am a teaseWhilst people sit aloneAnd hope someone will call byIf not to stay to teaJust to say hi!So all you busy peopleTry and make a minuteAnd fill itWith a call to a lonely personYou really could just make their dayjust something small to sayand make them feel specialwithin your very busy way